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Seniors – AifL

The persuasive writing unit is going well in 4th year.  Doing a trial run with the class certainly seems to be working.  There have been the expected grumps and groans about writing two (two??!!  Surely not!) essays rather than just the one.  On the whole, however, I think the class are getting a lot out of [...]

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I’m off school today.  Sore throat, splitting headache..  Hoping it doesn’t last longer than today.  I know I shouldn’t but I tend to feel quite stressed when I’m off school.  Aside from falling behind with plans etc I worrythat my S3′s & S4′s are terrorising the cover teacher! The QA team were in the school Monday, [...]

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Think I’ve managed to iron out all the problems with the blog.  The kids really seem keen on the idea of using it too.  Hope they aren’t just hoping for a new version of MSN to chat to their friends.  Taking the whole class to a computer room tomorrow to get them started.  A few [...]

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Target Setting Routine

It’s 6pm and I am fighting the urge to go to bed already.  I’d forgotten how fatigued I can feel after teaching a full day (well, almost – 5 periods out of 6).  Were we really only on holiday for 2 weeks?  Feels like a year since I stood in front of a class.  My voice is protesting [...]

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New Term

School starts tomorrow. Feeling pretty good about it. Main aim for this term is to improve my record keeping!  Doesn’t sound too overwhelming now, does it?

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Introducing My Classes

We are half way through the year and I have got to know my classes pretty well by now.  There are, of course, still mysteries.  A brief overview of my current classes: S1 – A mixed ability group of 25 kids.  There are only a couple of highflyers in this class. The majority of the [...]

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A New Term

School starts on Monday.  I’m spending a couple of days this week getting caught up on marking and organising folios and deadlines.  Just thinking about how much has to be completed this term makes me feel slightly panicky!  I’ll get my head around it once term begins though.  An added stress is a visit by [...]

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Hello world!

My first post.  Let’s start with my reason for writing this blog.  I’m a secondary school English teacher.  I love my job and my kids and I desperately want to be the best teacher I can possibly be.  Every term, week, day I face new challenges and find a new way to do something (or, [...]

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