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Higher/Int. 2 Essays

I spent a large part of the weekend marking senior prelim essays.  After sharing my work with my head of department I discovered that I had been way too harsh on the poor critters.  I then took a look at my other colleagues marking and thought: “If I was too hard then he is definitely [...]

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Exams Looming

It’s hectic at work right now.  The S5/6 prelims begin on Monday.  English first – eeeek!  In the last few days some of my class have begun to realise that the amount of effort that they have put in will bear somerelation to how well they are going to do in the exam.  Needless to say [...]

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The Learning Environment

Today is an inservice day and I’m trying to make some curtains.  I am not a Home Economics teacher: a fact painfully obvious from the uneven, puckered monstrosities of alleged curtains that lie before me.  The reason for this venture into the world of needles and threads is a digital projector and some unadorned windows.  It’s almost [...]

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Peer Observation

As I noted earlier, I’m going to be writing a report on using self/peer assessment with S5/6.  The same day as I agreed to do this I had a conversation with a colleague about the usefulness of peer observation in the teaching profession.  My school are rigourously pushing observations at the moment and I understand [...]

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