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Punctuation Pains

I’m wondering if teachers have seen a noticable drop in spelling/punctuation standards in recent(ish) years.  I am currently preparing my fourth year for their Standard Grade exams and, worryingly, the main area they need work on is their punctuation.  This is obviously not a new concern: I’ve been trying to improve their punctuation skills over the [...]

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Thai Basil Rice

No work talk today.  I’m having a lazy day on the sofa with books and DVD, watching the skies for snow clouds.  We have to get some snow this year, surely!  Got another recipe to share.  Something Thai this time.  I’ve been making this dish since I visited Thailand 6 years ago (goodness, that long?) and [...]

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To Grade or Not to Grade

In accordance with AiFL I have been avoiding putting grades on the first drafts of pupils’ work.  The hope is that they will pay greater attention to the comments rather than looking at the mark then discarding the work contentedly/disgruntedly.  People generally liked to be graded though and so when I first started this practise the [...]

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Parents’ Night

I like parents’ nights.  Its fun meeting the creators of Liam, Stacey, Aiden etc.  So far (touch wood, touch wood, touch wood) I have only had one negative experience.  Super aggressive Mum convinced it was solely my fault that her son was not in the top set.  An unpleasant experience but certainly not the norm.  [...]

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When I started blogging I went mad and started three at once.  This one, one for my seniors and a cooking one.  The first two are still going.  Chugging along anyway – the novelty of the blog seems to have worn off for my seniors (more about that later…).  The cooking one didn’t really get [...]

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Restorative Practice

When I first started this blog I sincerely imagined I would be jotting down something every couple of days.  And here it’s been more than two weeks since my last post.  What a crazy term!  Between Standard Grade folios and senior prelims and the HMI visit I have barely had time to catch breath.  As knackered as [...]

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