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Improving Critical Essays

My senior class (a mixture of Int 2 and Higher pupils) will be sitting their exams in a couple of weeks time.  We are spending the few weeks between Easter and D-day revising the class texts, practising close reading techniques and improving essay writing skills.  The latter of these is the trickiest, I feel.  Though the pupils [...]

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Risotto: it’s gooey and buttery and cheesy and gorgeous.  What’s not to love?  The best basic recipe I have tried is Jamie Oliver’s version of risotto blanco.  I’m not being poncy here – it really has to be made with homemade stock if it’s going to taste great.  Inspired by my favourite Italian restaurant’s house pizza, I [...]

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Teaching Shakespeare

Early this year I decided to take a group of children down to Stratford to see Shakespeare’s birthplace and catch a RSC performance (preferably MacBeth).  Today I had to admit defeat and abandon the idea.  The dates tickets were available for the theatre, we couldn’t get accommodation; the dates we could book accomodation, we couldn’t hire [...]

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Rant and Rover

Rosie 028 Originally uploaded by wjharrison77. Was going to have a wee rant about the proposed raising of the school leaving age when I came across this tirade. What more can I say? I then came across this posting on dogs and decided to post the above picture of my brother’s puppy in response. Again: [...]

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The Joy of Marking

I marked the S3 writing exam yesterday night.  71 papers.  It was a bit of a long night but I really quite enjoyed it.  Some of the essays were so intensely personal I felt honoured to be reading them.  Quite a few pupils wrote excitedly about the floods and gales that we experience up here last [...]

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The session today wasn’t on SMART marking as I thought.  It was on feedback.  Related, at least.  The pre-reading (handout from The Learning Set – Stepping Forward with Feedback – Learning Unlimited 2004) stated that much feedback is “too little, too late, too vague and too impersonal.” I am very, very aware of what my [...]

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Roasted Peppers

Roasted peppers are one of my favourite foods. Here’s how I prepare them: Roasted Peppers (Side for 2, with leftovers) 5 heavy, deep red peppers 1 small clove of garlic, crushed Juice of one lemon 15 ml extra virgin olive oil 2 tblspn fresh chopped parsley Roast peppers over flame or under hot grill until [...]

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If I Look Scared…

Crab Originally uploaded by wjharrison77. I was going to post a cute picture of my brother’s new dog this evening. Then my neighbour rang the doorbell. He was back from diving on the west coast and had some fresh scallops for me. The crab in the picture was he and his partner’s dinner. When I [...]

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Chicken Noodle Soup

findlay 012Originally uploaded by wjharrison77. We went for a drive to Fort Augustus via Foyers yesterday. I have only ever driven on the Drumnadrochit side of Loch Ness before. No more. Far prefer the quieter road on the south/east side of the loch. Stopped off at Foyers to see the falls. So pretty you could [...]

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