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New Banner!

A short post this evening but a rather exciting one:  I have a new banner!  Rosie and me flying over the Highlands.    Isn’t it gorgeous?  Chuffed to bits with it! The original painting (which will be hanging in my living-room very soon) is by Faye Anderson, an artist and friend whose work I’ve adored since she drew a [...]

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Tortillas and Teal

   If I thought really hard I would undoubtably be able to think of someway to link this photo of my friend’s puppy (Teal) to the following recipe.  But I’m swamped.  It’s a funny photo and spanish omelettes are delicious.  Forgive my laziness.  Spanish Tortilla (Serves 4) 4 medium floury potatoes, peeled and sliced VERY [...]

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“Crabbit” is another great Scots word meaning grumpy.  Crabbit reminds me of my sister when she’s been woken up too early (i.e. before noon) or D when he loses a mountain bike race to his brother-in-law or Gen when I tell her to slow down though she’s only driving at 40mph.  Crabbit is me after a crappy day at [...]

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Blueberries – Part 2

  I generally don’t get excited over dessert.  Cake, pie, pastry, ices: they are all very nice but I’m a savoury girl.  Give me a choice between a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s finest or a buttered slice of toast and the toast wins every time.  At least, that was the case until yesterday. Yesterday, with the [...]

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Blueberries – Part 1

 Christina of A Thinking Stomach asked me recently which fruit or veg in my garden was my favourite.  I gave her a very vague answer naming pretty much everything that I’ve grown this year.  Grower’s pride, you know?  Here and now, I would like to amend that wishy washy answer: blueberries are my favourite crop. [...]

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Better Late…

 It’s here!  It’s here!  Summer!  It’s finally here! This evening I arrived home from work to a 20oC garden bathed in glorious sunshine.  It was heaven.  If the weather forecast is to be believed the rest of the week should be similar.  Wonderful.   But only a fool would believe the weather forecast in Scotland. This sunny [...]

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The Famous Four

  I’m doing my very best to get back into the swing of things at school but it’s tougher than I had anticipated.  Probably because I didn’t anticipate it being tough at all.  School ended on such a high last term that I was really quite excited to be going back and expected just to [...]

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Dreich Day

“Dreich” is a wonderfully evocative Scots word meaning dull and wet.  Damp, sodden, grey, rainy, overcast – no standard English word captures the mood of a truly miserable day like “dreich” does.  From the moment I woke up this morning until this evening the sky has been a solid mass of slate grey forbidding any hopes [...]

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Lessons Learnt

  Summer (HA!) is coming to an end and my vegetable patch is looking rather bare, mostly because I tore everything out in a fit of rage on Tuesday evening but also because the majority of summer crops have been harvested or have passed their best.  Still growing are blueberries (more on them next week), raspberries, [...]

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Last night I left school with a dark cloud hanging over my head.  At some point during the previous six weeks a large number of my lovely, fluffy pupils had been fed after midnight and had mutated into hissing, fidgeting, sneering gremlins with wild, wild looks in their eyes.  It was a hellish day.  A day which had me [...]

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