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More Dog Blogging

 This handsome fella is Winston, the shiniest, happiest dog I have ever had the pleasure to meet.  He and his owners were staying with me over the weekend and, wow, what a weekend it was!  Just wonderful… Will let the pictures do the talking.         

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It’s been a long week.  A good week. But a long week. The high points have included finally clearing my marking in-tray (hurrah!) and winning a pub quiz (joy!).  The low points have included the actual process of clearing my in-tray and a couple of crazed pupil outbursts in class: the first of which involved a boy [...]

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Stop Gap

Work has taken over my life these past weeks and there simply isn’t much time to dip into other people’s blogs very often.  I’m grabbing opportunities here and there but mostly I’m just looking forward to the October holidays when there will be lazy afternoons to read all the great posts I’ve been missing. Also have less time to blog [...]

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 Saturday saw me rising early, picking up a bunch of pupils and heading out to Drumnadrochit on the banks of Loch Ness to take part in the 3G (Three Glens) mountain biking race.  Whereas super-sporty D was cycling the full 56 miles from Glen Affric (above) to Fort Augustus, we were more realistically starting half [...]

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Apple Snow in September

My garden is slowing down.  I had hoped to grow some more rocket and spinach before winter hit but, despite autumn having hardly begun, we’ve already had our first frost and there’s a icing-sugar sprinkling of snow on the nearby mountains.  Imagine that my seeds won’t germinate in these temperatures but, truth be told, I have no idea.  [...]

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Typically pronouced with a resounding glottal stop at the end, “scunnered” is another great Scots word.  In the dialects I know (for there are many), this fiesty adjective can mean one of three things: to be totally confused, to be completely fed up of something, or to be pissed off.  A difficult crossword clue might have me [...]

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Dog Blogging

D:   You smell like dog. Wendy:   (Smiles.)  I know. D:   Um, that wasn’t a compliment. Wendy just keeps on smiling… ____________________________________   Update:  It has been pointed out to me that I haven’t introduced the dogs.  How rude!  As some of you know, the golden Cocker in the first four photos is my brother’s dog, [...]

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Two Lives

 It’s been some time since a book has engrossed me so much I carry it everywhere with me in order to greedily snatch a few minutes read between classes or in the supermarket queue.  The last book that absorbed me so completely was We Need to Talk About Kevin, Lionel Shriver’s disturbing tale of the [...]

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Confession No. 1

Confession.  As much as I love to cook, preparing a meal for anyone other than my nearest and dearest freaks me out.  Think it’s because everyone knows that I spend the vast majority of my free time in the kitchen and I worry that the food I prepare will be thought mediocre.  Or undercooked.  Or [...]

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Bubble or Butterbean?

Rather hungover.  Short post.  Just for fun.  Whilst reading the paper online this morning I discovered that yesterday was International Literacy Day.  The Guardian marked the event by inviting readers to share their favourite words.  Some of the responses interested me greatly and others made me laugh out loud.  They all put a smile on [...]

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