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Chorizo Roast Chicken

 My first ever present from D was a cookbook.  We’d only been dating for a couple of weeks when the Christmas holidays began and I vanished to spend Christmas with my family in Aberdeen and New Year with friends in Paris.  When he sprung his gift on me I was embarrassed – I hadn’t got [...]

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Browsing my usual blog haunts early this extended Sunday morning, I came across Rose’s post on her perfect weekend breakfast.  Surrounded by hoards of her nearest and dearest, Rose would like to see a very elegant spread of: ‘…coffee and milk and chocolate. There would be two different types of bread, for those who like toasts [...]

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It was half an hour into the performance when fourteen year old Lewis whispered to me: “Miss, is this seriously two and a half hours of singing and dancing cats?”  When I nodded an affirmative his eyes widened then momentarily flicked towards the lit green exit sign to my right. “Don’t even think about it,” I [...]

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Simply Mushrooms

  After two glorious weeks of castles, sunshine and log fires, returning to work this week has been a struggle to say the least.  The days are shrinking in terms of light and I’m starting to suspect that the amount of time in each day is being reduced too.  That would explain why I don’t have enough hours in [...]

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Membrillo (Quince Paste)

   Early in the year I planted a small quince bush in my front garden.  What quinces were exactly, I wasn’t sure.  And what one did with them, I had no clue.  When my young shrub unexpectedly produced one little piece of fruit I picked it excitedly and cut it open. The pale flesh was very hard and [...]

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Glenbuckie House

For the last five days my family and I have been staying in Glenbuckie House, a beautiful Victorian manor in Comrie, Perthshire.  It was perfect!  Frosty mornings, sunny days, starry nights, falling leaves, woodland walks, pancake breakfasts, silver squirrels, a cuddly spaniel, roaring fires, hide and seek…  I could go on forever! Choosing which photos to publish on [...]

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Hooray for Markies!

I wasn’t entirely honest in my last post.  The question that I claimed to be hypothetical was actually about my own experience.  Yes, I know you are shocked (I am, after all, a master of deception) but my motivation was not malicious.  I was embarrassed to have failed so miserably in my first attempt at cooking a large [...]

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Imagine one had bought an enormous leg of ham to feed their family on Monday night.  And imagine one discovered on tasting the cooked ham that (despite following the butcher’s and Gary Rhodes’ preparation advice to the letter) it was unpalatably salty. What might one do? Hypothetically speaking, of course… 

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 Today I’m thirty.  To celebrate, D and I drove up to Dornoch yesterday and spent a wonderful afternoon walking and paddling on the beach followed by a dream-like evening snuggled up before a roaring fire, sipping champagne in a castle.  Wish I could spend all my birthdays in castles…  

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Crash Hot Potatoes.

I know how to make perfect roast potatoes.  This is not a lightly made assertion.  Last winter, armed with three types of potato, four different fats, a timer, an oven and an Exel spreadsheet, I spent the best part of five hours carefully testing all the varients (including parboiling times, roasting temperatures and ovenware) of roast potato [...]

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