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For the longest time I confused watercress and plain old cress.  That the former was far bigger and differently shaped did not help me see my error: I just assumed it was fully grown, deformed cress.  When, whilst eating a tendril of the former in amongst other mixed leaves, I was assaulted by an overwhelming pepperiness rather [...]

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One of my favourite gifts this Christmas was Dennis Cotter’s new vegetarian cookbook, Wild Garlic, Gooseberries… And Me.  Full of stunningly earthy photographs; Slater-esque anecdotes; elegant recipes and a plethora of information about growing and preparing vegetables, it’s one of those cookbooks which I’m unsure whether to keep by the bed or in the kitchen. [...]

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Ottolenghi Delivers Again

 Yes, I am going to rave about Yotam Ottolenghi again.  My new favourite chef, Ottolenghi’s recipes feature weekly in The Guardian and are truly inspired.  He has a book coming out soon – can’t wait!  Tried out this week’s recipe, Saffron Papperdelle with Spiced Butter, for lunch today and it was a real delight.  Warmly spiced [...]

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 The haggis is a species in the class of Mammalia Puddingous.  This ellusive animal is found predominantly in the windswept Highlands of Scotland though unsubstantiated sightings have been made as far south as the Border town of Peebles. To date, the above picture (taken in 1897 near Loch Duntelchaig) is the soul photographic record of the haggis’ existence.  [...]

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Comfort Food

A few weeks ago Valli from More Than Burnt Toast posted on how to make the ultimate comfort food: smooth, creamy mashed potatoes.  To her very useful list of tips, I added one extra: Always make too much mash, for the leftovers can be turned into potato cakes the next day.  More often that not, my potato [...]

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Spiced Granola

I’ve mentioned my terrible breakfast habits before.  Despite always being famished from the moment I wake up, I often don’t make time for the first meal of the day.   Winters are the worst.  From November to March when my alarm goes off it’s dark outside and the lack of natural light makes waking up a real struggle.  [...]

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I’m pretty awful at remembering birthdays.  Moreoften than not on the actual date of the birthday I suddenly realise it’s a special day for my sister/friend/niece/etc and panic.  I call.  I apologise profusely.  I send a belated card and gift.  I vow to start writing reminders on my calendar.  I fail to do the latter and so [...]

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Simple Roast Chicken

Is it cheating to use the same photo for two posts?  I feel like I’m breaking a rule.  It’s just that I hadn’t intended on blogging about my roast chicken and therefore only took one photo. Have now decided that since it’s one of my very favourite meals and since this method for cooking a [...]

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It’s been a grey, chilly day here in the Highlands.  There is nothing pleasant about the dirty slush that covers the ground and nothing fun about walking on the ice that lies underneath.  When I tell you that the above photo was taken at mid-day, I think you’ll understand just how sunless this Sunday has [...]

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Moist Bran Muffins

  It’s the first week back at school and it’s a busy one!  Will keep this short.  Bran muffin.  Doesn’t sound very appealling, does it?  When I first heard the term I imagined a dry, tasteless cake and, frankly, that’s what my first batch turned out like.  My second attempt were far nicer but, with [...]

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