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Not Lost

Still here.  Just a bit snowed under at the moment.  Back soon!    

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As a life long ignorer of all sports, I can barely believe that I am about to write the following sentence, but here it is: I miss the Olympics.  It only finished yesterday but already I miss getting up in the morning and dotting through BBC Interactive to watch gymnastics or diving or basketball or sprinting.  [...]

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Beans for the Undeserving

I have an admission to make.  Despite having had seven weeks off this summer and despite having spent much of that time pottering about at home, my vegetable garden has been severely neglected these past few months and, as a result, has turned into a jungle.  Look at it! If life were fair, I would have no [...]

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Checking In

Still busy back at work. Missing cooking. Missing blogging. Missing my summer. Mostly, I’m missing Marco. Think he’s missing me too. He ate my shoe.

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Photography Blog

After a long, lazy summer of dog walking and faffing about, I went back to work today.  The first week of term is always extremely hectic so I don’t see many posts being written in the coming days.  I’ll leave you with a link which may interest those of you who enjoy my own pictures [...]

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Though the patch in Kintore woods wasn’t quite as prolific as last year, there were still far more chanterelles growing in damp little clumps than I could have shaken a stick at (had I felt the need to wobble some wood at fungi).  In the end I settled for a mere basketful for I did, after [...]

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Seals and Freedom

I have a pie to tell you about.   It’s a fabulous pie.  It’s creamy and crispy and chocablock full of veg.  But it’s not quite as fab as my day was today. My gorgeous pup got his collar off.  We skipped along a sparkling Dornoch beach in celebration.  And, to top it all off, the Cromarty seals [...]

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We’ve been in Aberdeenshire for the last few days visiting castles with spectacular vegetable gardens, estates with beautiful white bridges and woods with clumps of saffron chanterelles.                    

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Noodley Goodness

I’m still munching my way through the beautiful rainbow chard growing in my vegetable plot.  Remember Dennis Potter’s suggestion of leaving a clump of stalks to grow indefinitely creating a brightly coloured, monster-sized chard to decorate the garden.  Nice idea but I can’t see it happening.   The most recent dish this leafy green has ventured into is [...]

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Marco had an operation yesterday and has to wear a lampshade for the next ten days.  TEN days! He is not amused.  

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