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And The Winner is…

…Lysy of the adorably titled Munchkin Mail!  Hooray!  The winner was selected randomly by my dog, Marco.  He was presented with a bowl full of paper scraps.  Each one had the name of a contestant on it and was folded well so that he could not read the notes.  The first (and only) note eaten was the [...]

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Store Cupboard Challenge

The lovely Kathryn of Limes and Lycopene certainly does enjoy challenging her readers.  Last month she blogged daily on 31 Ways To Improve Your Diet encouraging us to change or think about just one area of our diet each day in order to (in many cases) completely overhaul our bad eating habits.  And now this [...]

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The Fridge Doors

My eyes have been opened.  Not everyone, it seems, plasters their fridge doors with postcards and magnets and recipes.  Some prefer the sleek, clean, pure look of a bare fridge.  Other poor souls do not even have the option of adorning their doors, their fridges being non-metallic or elegantly disguised as cupboards.  To all of you who [...]

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Last Call

Just a wee reminder: tomorrow is the final day for fridge door submissions. See here if you haven’t a scooby what I’m talking about. Very excited about the round up!

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Pistachio, Dill and Broadbean Rice

Can’t stop.  My boiler is broken, there’s an alarming amount of marking in my livingroom and Marco is demanding to be walked.  I have just enough time to share with you this divine rice dish inspired by a recipe from Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness (great name) and to tell you that it is my made-it-by-the-skin-of-my-teeth-entry for Susan’s [...]

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Victoria Plum Jam

  I have two things I’d like to share with you this evening. The first is to tell you that on my way to work this morning I saw lots of lounging seals (as per usual), a skipping roe deer, a scampering baby red squirrel and a beautiful wee weasel.  Do you get a better [...]

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The Weekend

        Thanks to Gen for the photos!

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Raspberry and Poppyseed Muffins

Think I must have bought some kind of super-hybrid raspberry bushes as, two months on from the very first berries, they are still producing super-sized sized fruit.  Growing high on tall, prickly branches, these berries have been safe from the jaws of my berry loving pup meaning that I have been able to feast on them rather than [...]

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The Fridge Door Competition

A picture on Lucy‘s Flickr page at the weekend reminded me how much I love to nosey at other people’s fridge doors.  I adore the photos and post-its and recipes and silly magnets that crowd together or stand alone telling me more than I knew before about the fridge’s owner.  My own door (above) doesn’t [...]

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Marco Pics

Enjoying the weekend and my new Ottolenghi cookbook.  Will post something substantial tomorrow.  Until then, here’s a few of my my favourite recent Marco photos.   He’s a dog of many faces, I think.

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