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Oven Dried Tomatoes

Do you know what I really don’t like?  Sun-dried tomatoes.  Bleugh.  They look weird and they taste weird.  So weird do they taste, in fact, that I physically shudder when I eat one. Sun-blush tomatoes, however, are a completely different kettle of fish.  Dried in full sunlight for only half the time of their wrinklier cousins, sunblush [...]

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New Domain Name

Since I’m physically moving house soon, I thought I’d cyber move too and so have got myself a new domain name.  This blog can now be found at: www.aweebitofcooking.co.uk No need to update anything.  The old address – http://teach77.wordpress.com – will automatically direct you here. 

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Simplified Cassoulet

Cassoulet is an elaborate, rich, hearty french dish traditionally consisting of  (amongst a dizzying array of other ingredients) pork belly, duck legs, Toulouse sausages and lamb all cooked in a generous amount of goose fat and beans.  Not a dish for the faint-hearted, I suspect.  I say “suspect” as I have never actually had real [...]

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Mad Dogs

Lovely weekend.  Mad dogs in the woods.  Hope yours was great too.  Back with a cracker of a recipe tomorrow. 

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I’m moving house at the end of next month and am rather excited about it.  Mostly because the view from the bottom of my garden will be this: 38 days to go! P.S. Thanks to my Dad for these photos.

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This Week’s Lunch

There’s a David Gray song that has very recently been totally ruined for me.  The slow, aching longing that makes This Year’s Love so very beautiful is completely lost when one cannot help but sing the words “this week’s lunch” instead of “this year’s love”: This week’s lunch had better last, Heaven knows it’s high [...]

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Cooling Thoughts

In response to an Australian request for more chilly photos:

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Baked Gnocchi

This isn’t a recipe so much as a revelation. You know that stodgy, pre-packed gnocchi you can buy in supermarkets?  Well, until just recently I thought it was absolutely inedible.  Then I discovered the joys of baked gnocchi.  Simple stir your cooked gnocchi and a green (I used rocket but spinach is good too) through [...]

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Braised Belgian Endive

The second of my current favourite starters uses the slightly maligned Belgian endive.  Perhaps you call it chicory or witlof.   It’s a beautiful pearly vegetable with bitter but satiny white leaves and I adore it.  Tried to grow it last year and failed miserably.  Will try again though.  It’d be wonderful to pick fresh from my garden. Anyway, though [...]

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Snow Spaniel 2

Rosie’s been having the same problems as Marco this week…

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