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The Task

Though I’m love, love, loving my new home, there are some things I’m missing about my old place.  My neighbours for one thing (they were lovely),  my gas stove (electric sucks) and my herb/vegetable garden.  There’s nothing I can do about the first two but the latter is definitely something I can sort out reasonably [...]

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Whilst packing up my kitchen a few weeks ago I came across a newspaper cutting with a recipe on it.  Nothing unusual in this, except that the recipe was for a chocolate cake and I’m not that fond of chocolate cake.  In fact, as I’ve said before, I’m not that bothered about cake at all.  [...]

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Tired But Happy

Settling in rather nicely.  Haven’t had time to take many photos but here are a few that I have…

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More Marco

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An Almost Elegant Soup

 I’ve always found the following Red Pepper and Tomato Soup to be a very elegant way to start a meal.  It’s richly flavoured and it’s beautifully coloured.  The contrast between the scarlet liquid and white bowls is really quite lovely.  And if you take the time (which you really, really should even though it’s horribly tedious) [...]

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Toad Rescue

Warning: due to moving house, blog posts in the coming weeks may be random/erratic/few and far between/all of the above. Today, for example, I’m posting a toad.  We rescued him from the middle of a busy path at the weekend and seemed to quite enjoy having his photo taken.  He’s rather handsome, don’t you think?

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New Neighbours

Timetable has been altered.  Now moving in 1 week’s time!!!

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More Sourdough

Still baking bread.  99 % happy with my sourdough.  Will share the recipe/technique once it’s perfected.   

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Alsatian Pizza

Fellow dog lovers, fear not.  Absolutely no German Shepherds were harmed during the making of the following pizza.  The name refers to this pizzas origins in the Alsace region of France rather than any canine connections.  Indeed, some may even question the naming of the dish “pizza” as there is no Italian connection nor any tomato sauce and [...]

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Vegetarian Moussaka

At last.  Success.  Last year sometime my mum and I shared a vegetarian moussaka made by Marks and Spencers.  It was superb.  By far the best ready made meal I had/have ever ever tasted.  Not content with the knowledge that I could simply pop downtown and pick up another ready made meal, I decided that I [...]

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