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Lamb Pilaf

I adore this dish.  It’s something I’ve been making regularly for a few years now and has been tweaked and tweaked from so much from its original Delicious recipe there is little resemblance anymore.   Though the picture above isn’t great, I think it displays the appeal of this dish rather well.  The nuts, the berries, the meat, the aubergine… I just [...]

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Change of Plans

Decided that the site I had previously chosen for my new vegetable patch just wasn’t going to work.  Everything I read said most crops need a minimum of six hours direct light and this plot only just achieved it.  Moving the gravel and clearing the ground beneath was going to be a big job and one I [...]

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Weekend Bird Blogging

Spent an hour out in the garden this evening trying my best to get a picture of the swallows and housemartins that are nesting in next door’s shed.  This one: No chance.  Nippy wee buggers.  This was the closest I came:   Hooray for starstruck sparrows.

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Banana and Oatmeal Muffins

One can indeed have too much of a good thing.   Last year, after much experimentation, I came up with a bran muffin recipe that produced (if I do say so myself) exceptionally moist and tasty bran muffins.  Containing very little fat and freezing well, they were perfect for breaktime snacks throughout the working week and [...]

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A.K.A. Marco

Was going to post properly today but it’s sunny and warm and we still have more than half of the vegetable garden to dig over. Instead, I’m going to offer you yet another picture of Marco, A.K.A. Marco Barko, Donnie Marco, Markie Bark, Tootie and Tootie Pie.

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Good Morning Sunshine

I like grapefruit in the morning.  I like how it tickles my nose and I like how it makes my mouth water like crazy.  It’s a very nice way to start the day.  My usual way of eating the fruit is to cut it into six large wedges and tear the pulp out with my teeth trying [...]

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Easter Weekend

It’s been lazy.   

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Sticking with the Mexican theme, I made the following soup for lunch this week.  It was based on a pre-made soup I had bought in the supermarket the previous week.  A soup which had sounded great and smelt great but tasted disappointingly vinegary.  Knew it had promise though so set out to make my own [...]

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First BBQ of 2009

It was a modest, last minute affair consisting of a disposable barbeque, beer, burgers and grilled veg.  Damn! it was great though!

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Sweetcorn Salsa

One of the most popular recipes on A Wee Bit of Cooking is for sweet potato and blackbean burritos.  For good reason too - they are remarkably good.  Even David adores them and he very, very rarely goes wild for vegetarian food.  Recently, I decided to stray from our usual tomato based salsa and experiment with a [...]

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