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My dinner was all planned for last night.  There was parsley on the windowsill, cherry tomatoes in the veggie box, anchovies in the fridge and some juicy black olives in the cupboard all ready to be turned into a light and healthy pasta puttanesca.  Yet as I drove home from work through the wind and rain I [...]

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Excuse the silence.  Very busy.  Back soon. Until then, this is my entry for this week’s Daily Ritual event on Flickr.  Weeding.  As pretty as they are, plucking dandelions out of my garden is a daily event just now.

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Strawberry Shortcake

I finally got around to organising my recipe index the other night.  Though it’s still a work in progress, I’m much happier now that the more than 150 (!!!!!) recipes are catalogued under various headings, from Starters to Veggie Mains. One thing that struck me whilst I was busy cutting and pasting links was the [...]

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Daily Ritual # 1

Watering the pea shoots. For Curious Bird’s Flickr project – Daily Rituals.  Read about it here.

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Quite often when I am making something a bit different for a weekend lunch D does his own thing and makes a sandwich for himself.  He likes his sandwiches does my D.  On many of these occasions we have sat opposite each other eating our respective lunches and I am consumed by jealousy.  His roast beef [...]

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Bluebell Sunday


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Malt and Maple Loaf

Mention “malt loaf” to a Brit and they will generally think of Soreen.  Dense, dark and fudgy, Soreen is the kind of cake my nana used to have in her bread tin to eat alongside her afternoon coffee.  It’s good stuff but it’s nothing like the tea-bread I’ve been making recently. Lighter, less chewy and [...]

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Perfect Chicken Curry

 A bold title, don’t you think?  Think I’m right though.   The red pepper is optional but the freshly ground spices aren’t. Really. Perfect Chicken Curry (Based on an Atul Kotchhar recipe in The Observer Food Monthly – February 2009) (Serves 2) 1 tblspn ghee or vegetable oil 3 cardamom pods, seeds removed and shells discarded [...]

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I have some lovely recipes to share with you all.  There’s a moist malt loaf, perfect for toasting and slathering in butter.  Then there’s an utterly perfect chicken curry, fragrant and warming  and lick-your-plate tasty.  And, finally, there’s those cute little sweetcorn and green pepper fritters I had for lunch yesterday that D kept trying to steal [...]

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Basil Oil

My windowsills are absolutely jam-packed with small plastic plant pots.  Courgette seeds, peas, borlotti and runner beans are all germinating happily in the warmth, dreading the day that I send them out into the unprotected chill of the vegetable patch.  Poor little babies.  Bet they wish they were basil seeds instead. Being a Mediterranean herb, [...]

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