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Three more days until school is out for the summer.  Can’t wait.  I’m tired.  This is partly because it has been a loooooong term and partly because it was a reeeeally good weekend.  Fatigue is not conducive to blogging so I shall be back with flatbread and babaganoush and a couple of summer cocktails once I’ve perked [...]

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Glen Feshie

We went walking down in Glen Feshie a couple of weeks ago.   Wonderful day.  Sunny skies and gorgeous scenery.  Unfortunately, the light was so bright my pictures didn’t come out well at all.  Got a few of my pup enjoying himself though.   

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Garden Update

Growing Well Lettuce Herbs Carrots Potatoes Courgettes Spinach Chard Peas Brussels sprouts Could Be Doing Better Borlotti beans Runner beans Bunching onions Radishes  

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There’s No Other Way

There’s a recipe for Chargrilled Broccoli with Chilli and Garlic in the Ottolenghi cookbook.  I’ve made it a few times and it is fabulous.  It’s also a bit of a fouter though and on week nights I usually can’t bothered with it.  So, a few months ago I took the basics of the recipe and [...]

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Silver Sea

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Salad Season

First home grown salad of the year.  Leaves include rocket, sorrel, spinach, reine de glace and pablo.  For “Daily Rituals” Flickr group.

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A little later than intended, here is my second post in aid of Refugee Week.  Today I’d like to share a recipe that was kindly sent to me by the Scottish Council for Refugees.  On the Friday 19th June, 2009 the members of the Maryhill Integration Group are publishing “Heart of the Home” a book of recipes* [...]

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I eat eggs most mornings now. They keep me going until lunchtime.  These ones are beauties, bought from a guy who has hens running around his back garden up Tain way.  The top middle one had three yolks.  THREE! For the Flickr Daily Rituals group. PS Returning to the Refugee Week theme tomorrow with a lovely chicken dish [...]

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I was recently contacted by the Scottish Refugee Council asking if I would like to participate in and raise awareness of Refugee Week 2009.  The campaign aims to raise awareness of refugees’ contributions to society through a wide range of cultural and educational programmes nationwide.  A worthy endeavour, thought I, and accepted the invitation without hesitation. [...]

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This nubbly, nutty bread has been gracing my breakfast table this week.  I’ve been enjoying its crumbly texture and earthy taste very much indeed.  Perfect with cheese and jam or topped with scrambled eggs. The recipe is adapted from one in Allegra McEvedy’s book Leon (a current favourite of mine not least because it comes with free [...]

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