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Ben Wyvis

I climbed my third Munro (Scottish hill over 3000  feet/914 metres) this morning.  Well, actually, it was only my second but Ben Resipol is only 228 ft off and it was bloody difficult.  Surely the fact that it felt like it was a Munro counts?   Yes?  Good.  Anyway, Ben Wyvis is the nearest hill to us and is [...]

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Took some of these… from here… and made this (with edamame and almonds rather than broadbeans and pinenuts)…

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Crowdie Stuffed Mushrooms

Crowdie is a soft, light cheese made locally in Ardersier.  I love its slightly lemony tang and how versatile it is too.  Recently I’ve used it to make a raspberry cheesecake, canneloni and stuffed mushrooms.   The latter  is perhaps my favourite and has been eaten alongside lots of crunchy salad leaves for lunch this summer. Crowdie [...]

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Aberdeen gets a bad rap.  True, it’s not as pretty as Edinburgh and it doesn’t have the buzz of Glasgow.  It’s also quite possibly the coldest place on Earth when the wind picks up (as it often does) and on a dull day when you are surrounded by granite and beneath a slab of sky it [...]

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Life Calls

Back soon.

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Summer Pizza

An idea for a summery, Greek-inspired pizza.  Light, fresh and exceptionally tasty.  I just can’t stop making this just now.  Summer Pizza Base – See flatbread recipe here.  When rolling out the dough, however, use semolina rather than flour to dust the surface.  To ensure a crispy base without a stone oven, I like to bake the [...]

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Welcome Guests

Guests who come to lunch bearing gifts of homegrown rasps and squashes can come visit again. 

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Book 2

   Just finished reading A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry.  Set in 1970′s India during a time of horrific political and civil turmoil, the novel explores the relationship between four characters of great differing backgrounds (geographically, culturally and economically).  The title of the book comes from an idea discussed by two passengers on a train, that the [...]

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The lovely summer pizza recipe and more-ish lamb kofta recipe I’d like to share in the next week or so requires a base of (preferably) freshly made flatbread.  The same ridiculously easy, absolutely fool-proof flatbread that I promised to post a recipe for weeks ago and never ever did.  Here it is – better late than [...]

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