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Dad’s Bramble Jelly

I’ve been meaning to add a bramble (blackberry) jam recipe to the blog for some time now.  Not only is it my very favourite jam, the berries can be found all over the place in late summer/early autumn in this part of the world.  Thing is, I actually don’t make bramble jelly myself.  I could [...]

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One of our weekend visitors.

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Wednesday Evening

Last Wednesday rather than tonight, I ought to tell you.

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Toffee Apples

There’s a stubby little apple tree in our front garden which is probably older than me.  Its short, gnarly branches produce the most beautiful blossoms in the first half of the year and the most surprising amount of apples in the second.  This year was no exception and, until last week, I had been happily [...]

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  Highly recommend this recipe/technique.

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Beauly Firth Monster

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Green Olive Tapanade

I adore olives.  All of them.  Black, green, pitted, whole… I love them on their own or with feta, in salads, in pasta and tagines and stew.  I love them marinated with herbs or with spices or chilli.  I love them stuffed with anchovies or lemon or chilli or capers.  Other than mouldy or soiled ones, [...]

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Friday Night in the Garden

More pics on my Flickr page.

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Roasted Squash and Chickpea Salad

Despite having sworn off buying cookbooks, I bought the second Moro book recently, Casa Moro.  No regrets here.  Already I’ve made the vegetable paella, the white bean and chorizo soup and some warmly spiced lamb chops.  They’ve all been exceptionally good. My favourite recipe by far is the Warm Pumpkin and Chickpea Salad with Tahini.  We’ve [...]

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As suspected, I was too preoccupied with old friends, amazing food and copious amounts of French wine to put much effort into photographing my weekend on the French/Swiss border.  A few details to contextualise the few photos below-  We stayed in Gex(France) where there was a lovely Saturday morning market; the ceremony was in a pretty village church [...]

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