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I’m pretty sure a few folk in the Highlands have sore heads this sunny Sunday morning.  And I’m pretty sure I know what’s to blame… A ginito is a gin based cocktail similar to the classic moquito.  I discovered them a couple of summers ago at the Taste Edinburgh festival where we drank them on the grass [...]

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Winter Minestrone

Now that we’re reaching the end of January, the days are slowly but surely starting to stretch.  There are hyacinths on my windowsills and I’ve noticed  a few snowdrops starting to push out of the frozen ground.  It’d be easy to believe that spring is almost here but there’s fresh snow in my garden and  I’m still [...]

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Roasted Fennel and Shallot Salad

Peeled shallots and thickly cut fennel roasted until golden in a little olive oil and seasoning.  Toss with torn chicory leaves, dried cranberries and some chopped nuts.  Moist enough not to need a dressing but a mustardy one would be good if you felt the need. Adapted from Veganomicon.

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Mushroom Baked Eggs

  One day I’m going to  follow Christina,  Sophie and Celia’s examples and get some chickens.  They sound like wee characters, they looks amusingly grumpy, I really like the sound of their clucks and, as if all that wasn’t enough, they produce one of my very favourite foods: eggs. Quite sure I’ve mentioned my love of [...]

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Something a little different today.  The above photo was taken in Gartcosh (village near Glasgow that I hail from) in 1953 onthe Queen’s coronation day. The gentleman at the front right of the photo is my grandfather (A.K.A. Gags/Gaga) and the two wee girls behind him are my mum and my aunt.  I love this [...]

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Lazy days have come to an abrupt end.  We returned to school yesterday after three weeks of holidays and snow days.  It’s nice to be back but it’s a bit of a shock to the system too.  I didn’t blog as much as usual during this break.  Not sure why; heavy snow and perishing temperatures [...]

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Feathery Frost

Got a backlog of recipes to share with you but I’m just not in the blogging mood.  Perhaps once I go back to work tomorrow I’ll snap back into it.  Until then I’ll share some photos of the last few days.  It’s been stunning here recently.  Cold as hell (that’s not right…) but gorgeous nonetheless. [...]

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Snow and Ice

It’s been very cold here for weeks now.  When it’s not snowing, the temperatures are well below zero (centigrade).   It’s lovely and not at the same time. This is some of the lovely.      

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It’s cold here.

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