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Seems like my entire family have visited in the past few weeks.  Been great but not left much time for this space.  Will post a fantastic and super simple tomato soup recipe tomorrow(ish).  Until then, here’s a shot from a road trip to Ullapool last week.

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Blue Cheese Butter

It’s a simple thing but it’s a wonderful thing. Just mash up one part soft salted butter and one part strong blue cheese. Roll into a sausage shape in clingfilm then chill.  Cut off slices and use as you please. I like it spread generously on rye bread with tomato soup; oozing into baked potatoes; or [...]

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I’ve had an absolutely cracking weekend.  For starters, my bestest friend Genna and her spaniels (Rufus and Zack) were around for the whole weekend – always wonderful. We also had the first (last?) warm days of my summer holiday and spent every moment of it outside walking, eating, drinking and watching the pups play. And, [...]

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This afternoon we visited David’s colleague, Winona, at her home on the Black Isle.  I say “her” home but she shares it not only with her husband, Bill, but with twelve dogs, twenty-two horses, a whole bunch of cats and countles chickens.  The vast majority of these animals have been rescued from circumstances which I [...]

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This week I travelled to I travelled to Poland with sixteen teenage history students and then I moved house.  Both were very exciting; both were lots of fun and both were physically and emotionally exhausting.  The moving is an ongoing affair but I have photos of the trip to share with you. Shall post them [...]

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