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A walk up Stac Gorm, lunch & a pint at Dores Inn and a swim for Marco in Loch Ness.  Perfect.

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Didn’t know what cobnuts were until last week when I found these on sale. The taste and texture were like a cross between a hazlenut and a coconut, I thought.  Ate them just as they were.  Lovely. Update – It seems that cobnuts are just young, fresh hazlenuts!  That’s explain why they tasted like hazlenuts [...]

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Who needs another roast chicken recipe?  Not me, would have been my response a few weeks ago.  But then Juliet came to visit. Juliet was one of my flatmates in the uni’ years.  My mum always thought she’d be a good influence as she was a bit older than me, from Edinburgh and studying law. [...]

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September So Far

Not too shabby, at all.

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