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At Last

Usually, I love winter but I was so, so glad to spot these snowdrops today.

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Poppyseed & Vanilla Cake

There are words that make me happier just by saying them.  Among these are the Scottish place names Beeswing, Wogle, Auchterarder and Mugiemoss; the animal names aardvark, moose and piglet; and the food names butterbean, nectarine and poppyseed.  And quite frankly, my like of the word poppyseed was what possessed me to make the following [...]

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Olive Bread

Home for a couple of days.  As I drove into the village yesterday, this was the view that greeted me. Quite a welcome.  And that was nothing in comparison to the welcome I got from my beloved pup, Marco.  Think he missed me as much as I missed him.  Treated him to sunny walk and [...]

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More Guest Dog Blogging

Was sent the following pup pictures over the last week.  They sincerely did cheer me up.  Hope they brighten your day too.    Marco and a couple of kitties manage to sneak in there too.  Couldn’t resist.  A larger version can be viewed here. To Mary, Andrew, Eve, Mary, Cynthia, Artiom, Jeanne, Julie, Amanda, Maria, [...]

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Guest Dog Blogging

My friend Lucy sent me an email a couple of days ago with some words of support and a cheering photo of her pup, Poppy.  I adore Poppy even though I’ve never met her or her owner, both of whom live on the other side of the planet.   Ain’t blogging grand? So here is [...]

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Still recycling old photos.  A couple of summers ago we were asked by friends to dog-sit four Irish Wolfhounds.  They towered over my own pup, Marco, but guess who was the boss of them all…  Yup.  The wee, black, bully spaniel.    

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