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Four months after discovering she had a brain tumour, my mum died on Saturday afternoon.  It’s been and it continues to be a terribly difficult time but I’d like to thank you all of you who left kind comments and sent well wishes during this time.  They helped.

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Spring has exploded here in Scotland.  After a very long, very dark, very cold winter, the colour and life and light of April seem otherworldly.

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Knowing that I am struggling to keep the blog afloat at the moment, my kind friend and colleague Gordon sent me photos of his pup, Oscar. Going to cover Marco’s ears for a moment….Have you ever seen anything quite so cute?

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Dog Therapy. Again.

A pup from the archives.

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Marco Says…

Marco says, “Mum.  I love you.  But please get that effing camera out of my face!”  

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