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The Terriers

These two deserve a post all of their own.

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West Coast Sky

Happy weekend to you all. I’m off to the Borders for a couple of days.  Wanted to share this beautiful time-lapse with you before I headed off though.  It was captured by a friend (who has some stunning photos here) and I can’t stop watching it.

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Just three months after being diagnosed with a brain tumour, my mum, Beth Harrison, died earlier this year.   Though those months were horribly difficult for her, Mum faced her illness with tremendous courage and, as always, never stopped thinking of others. Just one example of this was her request that I run a marathon to [...]

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Today I’m off to run the Nairn Half Marathon.  13 miles is a distance I’ve done a few times now but I always feel a little nervous about running in events beside real runners.  I still feel like an impostor runner, for some reason.  Why is that???   I mean I move at a pace considerably [...]

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I’ve left this post rather late.  Raspberry season (and summer) is fast coming to an end.  There are still a few berries to be found in the raspberry hedges though and bramble time is just around the corner .  Brambles would work perfectly here too, I’m certain. Light and fluffy, sweet and pretty, these little [...]

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Lake Garda

Austria was fantastic; the weather was not. In a bid to find some warmth, we took a trip across the Italian border to Lake Garda.  It was a three hour journey there and a three hour journey back in one day.  A lot of travelling but 100% worth it.  Lake Garda is stunning.  Would go [...]

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