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And Breathe…

On holiday for a couple of weeks after a crazy, crazy term at school.  Plus I no longer have to devote large periods of time to training for a marathon.   My plans?  Long walks with this wee guy; time pottering in the kitchen; lots of reading and some catching up with friends and family. Bliss.

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The Terriers

These two deserve a post all of their own.

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Something I did most days on holiday was to sit outside a cafe with  a beer or coffee and take pictures of passing pups.  Hours of entertainment. 

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Dog Blogging

It’s been a while since I dedicated a post to pups. Here they are: Rufus, Rosie, Marco, Poodle-puppy-whose-name-I’ve forgotten and Bumble.

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Summer Plans

Read, read, read. Just finished this.  Now reading this.  Looking forward to this.  Any other recommendations??? Run, run, run.  I’m training for the Loch Ness marathon in October… Learn to use the manual settings on my camera. Blog more. Go to Austria with my Dad. Enter the village vegetable show again. Prepare for my new [...]

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He’s quite a nervous pup, is our Marco.  His favourite hiding place is in amongst the cotoneaster.

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Knowing that I am struggling to keep the blog afloat at the moment, my kind friend and colleague Gordon sent me photos of his pup, Oscar. Going to cover Marco’s ears for a moment….Have you ever seen anything quite so cute?

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Dog Therapy. Again.

A pup from the archives.

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Marco Says…

Marco says, “Mum.  I love you.  But please get that effing camera out of my face!”  

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