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My Scotland

I sometimes get emails from readers who are coming to Scotland  looking for advice on where to visit, what to do, where to eat, etc, etc.  My responses are always enthusiastic but tend to be rather brief (sorry) and afterwards I always, always kick myself for not having mentioned blah blah or bleh bleh.   [...]

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Back Soon

Off on holiday for the next week.  See you all when I return. 

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Spent last weekend with my best friend, Genna, hanging out at her beautiful, old, quirky, peaceful cottage in Insch, Aberdeenshire.  Next time I’ll blether less and snap more.  Maybe.

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Thank You

I’ve been utterly blown away by the kindness of others this year.  Thank you. Back very soon. x

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Spring has exploded here in Scotland.  After a very long, very dark, very cold winter, the colour and life and light of April seem otherworldly.

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Snow Birds

Still snowing.

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Spoke Too Soon

Think I angered the Gods of Winter with my Spring song.

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Measly Offering

That the one and only photo I’ve taken in weeks was the above iPhone shot, speaks volumes about my January. Looking forward to quieter days!

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Got recipes to share coming out of my lugs.  But it’s early January and the days are dark and my energy levels are low.  Not feeling terribly perky or particularly communicative but, oddly, I am not hating this state of affairs.  In hibernation mode, I think.  With another week off work, a dog to walk and [...]

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